Search any data across 100+ apps. AI-powered.

Take advantage of Frame’s unified data model to find business data across all of your company apps.

One Cmd-K bar. 100 apps searched.

All your docs in one place

Whether a Wiki, a Note, a Whiteboard - search all of your docs from one search bar. Go beyond Frame, and search your Figma files, Intercom leads or Hubspot customers, directly from Frame.

Natural language processing

Use our Cmd-K bar to create new notes on-the-go, but also interact with your AI employees. Want that document auto-labelled? Just ask your intelligent Cmd-K bar.

No Mouse needed. We love shortcuts.

Press ‘T’, you’re in our Task app, ‘W’, you’re in whiteboard. Want to switch to dark mode? Yes, it’s also one shortcut away. Goodbye trackpad, hello superhuman speed.

A space for work. A space for life.

Switch between your personal and work spaces in one click.

Ever dreamed about having a unified experience for your work stuff and your personal stuff? We help you reduce your apps clutter by unifying it all under Frame. Easily drag-and-drop your personal drafts to your Company Space.

Enjoy your Work OS again.

We’ve been busy working with the best designers to create a delightful, unified experience. Fall in work with your work apps again - discover FrameOS.

No more copy-paste. Just drag & drop.

Easily drag-and-drop your personal docs and your company docs by simple, between your Personal and Company Space. The time of having to maintain multiple versions of the same documents in your Personal Apps and your Work Apps is finally over.

Generate new content across apps.

Context-sensitive  AI generation

Want to generate an Org Chart from your that team database in your Note? Our AI employees can help you do that. Transform docs from one app to another in one click.

Image. Video. Charts. No limits.

Whether comprehension or generation. Our AI employees can help you co-create content in your day-to-day work. Think of them as your personal, specialised assistant. What if you could have a world-class CEO help you do your work everyday within your docs? It’s now possible on FrameOS.

AI employees access control.

Control the level of company data and the access the AI employees have. Wondering what happened when you send your data to an LLM? Solve it at interface layer. It’s never sent in the first place.

Instantaneous results.

< 50ms response time

Experience instant results thanks to our offline-first architecture. Access any files, anywhere, instantaneously. It’s that simple.

Third-party apps search

Integrate Frame with your favorite work apps, like Figma or JIRA, to find documents across multiple apps, from FrameOS. Let Frame be your second memory.

Natural language processing

We prioritize content you’ve recently visited or interacted with to offer even faster results. Stay on top of your work with Frame.

Harvest the power of unified data.

Simplify your business data

Want to find every document, across your wikis, whiteboards and goals talking about ‘Go-to-Market’? No problem. Leverage our unified labelling system across app to get that done.

Get better AI-powered insights

Let our AI employees do the work. We can suggest you, in real-time, which label to use for your documents based on its updated content. Wonder how to tag that New User Onboarding workflow? One-click, done.

Work in a unified environment

Tired of having 10 folder systems, 8 labelling systems and 7 user management system? Simplify your business data in Frame.

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Check out our tutorial and blog articles to learn more about the future of Al-enhanced work.

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