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Unify your teams and departments with one platform. Frame allows you to reduce your SaaS spent, increase your data security compliance while at the same time increase your employee productivity by 10x.

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Unify your Company Data in one platform

We know the pain of having to work on 240 SaaS at the same time. The problem is that, on that of reducing your productivity, it has modeled your business reality in 240 different ways. Make your company AI-ready. Get started with Frame unified interface.


Standardize and centralize your data to amplify by 2x your return on AI implementation.


Empower your teams with one unified platform to get things done. Say goodbye to constant context-switching.


Reduce your SaaS security compliance monitoring effort by consolidating in one secured suite.


Reduce your SaaS spent by only paying for features actually used. In addition to work on a clean minimalistic set of tools, you reduce your spend.

World-class Enterprise Security

The secured platform that your enterprise need. Take advantage of a simplified security compliance with less SaaS applications or managers. Total access control for AI and human employees.

Single Sign On

Compatible with leading Identity Providers (IdPs) such as Okta, supporting both SAML and OIDC protocols.

SOC 2 and GDPR

We are actively pursuing SOC 2 certification and ensuring GDPR compliance.

Data Encryption

We use AES-256 encryption for data at rest and TLS for data in transit.

Uptime SLAs

Committing to 99.95% server uptime with prompt communication in case of any disruptions to your integration.

DDoS Protection

Automatic safeguards against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, including protection against counterfeit requests (Layer 7) and SYN floods (Layer 3).

API Key Permissions

Generate API keys with customized access levels and easily manage permissions.

Automated Backups

Daily backups retained for one week to ensure data integrity and availability.

Global Resiliency

Minimize downtime risks with domain configurations spread across multiple global regions.

Penetration Testing

Undergo routine penetration tests conducted by trusted third-party security firms to identify and address vulnerabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your data securely protected?

Absolutely, Frame.so employs industry-standard encryption both at rest (AES-256) and in transit (HTTPS/TLS).

Which SSO providers are compatible with Frame.so?

Frame.so’s SSO integration seamlessly works with the majority of identity Providers (IdPs), supporting both SAML and OIDC protocols.

Is Frame.so compliant with SOC 2 standards?

Frame.so is actively working towards achieving SOC 2 certification, with a target completion date set for the end of this year.

Is Frame.so compliant with GDPR regulations?

Yes, Frame.so is actively working towards GDPR compliance, with a target completion date set for the end of this year.

Does Frame.so comply with HIPAA and ISO standards?

Currently, Frame.so has not initiated the process of obtaining HIPAA or ISO 27001 certifications.

Where can I access the list of data subprocessors?

For an updated list of data subprocessors, please reach out to us directly. You can contact us for more information/

How do I report security concerns?

We take security matters seriously and encourage you to report any issues promptly. You can do so by emailing responsible - founders@frame.so

This could help teams to be more efficient and productive by reducing the need to switch between different apps, this is a great tool.
Prem Saini
Founder at Zixflow
Wow, this is a very complex product with a very smooth UX! Congratulations on your launch guys! Your team should be really strong (or well-funded :))!! Very impressive!
Maria Loleyt
CEO at Plurana.com
This is amazing, exactly what I was looking for! Always hated to toggle between tabs and apps, eventually keeping track of my to do's with pen and paper. Looking forward to giving it a test run.
Marcel Doeppes
ex-Founders Associate, ex-VC etc
It genuinely feels like a game-changer! I've always longed for a more integrated work experience, and it seems Frame is serving exactly that on a silver platter. The vision of redefining work while maintaining a sleek interface is absolutely compelling.
Maksim Mamchur
CEO and Product at SubSchool
It’s legit. Everything in one spot, no more tab chaos. Those AI suggestions? They're like that friend who always has the best advice. And starting a project with their templates? Feels like a breeze.
Masum Parvej
UX Designer for B2B SaaS
I've eagerly awaited this launch and am as excited about Frame as I was about Figma/Canva or ChatGPT. Congratulations on your launch!
Fawad Ahmed
Growth Marketing Pro
I love this product as it solves two main issues with our previous product stack: too many products and too much bloat in each product.
Macgill Davis
This looks really cool and helpful. I love the blend of having your own essential apps (notes, whiteboard, project tracker etc.) as well as shortcuts to access the specialzied ones like JIRA and AirTable as it is harder to move away from them! It would be awesome if you could add Figma in there as well.
Tobi Rydlewicz
Product Manager, Engineer
Frame provides you with just what you need when you need it. If you are tired to switch between multiple apps to do your job, Frame solves this with the simplest UX and most powerful productivity I have tried for ever.
Olivier Verdin
Partner, AppTweak
Born Intelligent.
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