Meet the intelligent workspace.

The AI Revolution on enterprise productivity and way of working will likely be a multiple compared to the Industrial Revolution. Frame is at the dawn of it.

Our story

Frame started as a unified suite of collaboration apps for teams in 2022. We were tired of having to juggle between 50+ productivity apps and decided to build a unified productivity suite that is simple, interoperable, and minimalist.

As we were building our suite, we saw a unique opportunity to embed intelligence, while taking advantage of the unified database that was Frame OS.

Our vision for the future is one where human and AI employees work together to build a better world. What could happen if you give human knowledge workers access to AI specialists, with real-time, 360-degree understanding of your company data?

Build it with us at Frame

Our team

A global and multicultural team on a mission to build the unified company workspace.

Our values

These are the sets of beliefs that guide us in building Frame.

Be a professional

Building a large company from the ground up is tough. It can be thought of like playing in the NBA. Aim to be at your best every day; don't burn yourself out, but strive for consistent, focused effort in delivering excellence. Go the extra mile and own the piece of work or project you’re working on. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo and the ordinary. Aim to build a large, successful business, alongside legendary companies like Apple and Tesla. You only live once, aim for excellence.

Do real work

It’s easy to fall into the trap of just ‘doing emails’ or ‘doing research’. Time is limited for a high-growth tech startup. Always ask yourself - am I working on the most important stuff? Am I actually creating value or just doing fake work? Challenge yourself and be aware of what you’re doing in the moment. Keep focused on your work.

Be design-driven

Just like design companies such as Apple, Tesla, and Gucci, Frame aims to deliver a unique product experience to its customers. This means caring about the details, aiming for pixel-perfection, and being design-driven in everything we do. From the box that ships the product to the button that changes the profile picture. Design matters.

Build the future

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to build the future, not copy the present. Don’t be competition-focused; instead, keep talking to your customers, understand their pains, and ship compelling and innovative solutions. Craft elegant and ingenious solutions to solve complex problems. Less is more. Live in the future.

Never build twice

Beautiful software has a coherent, simple design. As a compound startup, we need to ensure we offer that coherent and unified experience to our users and never rebuild the same thing twice. Our product simplicity must be reflected in our own organizational and process simplicity. Reusability is at the core of Frame.

Our backers

We can’t be thankful enough to our early backers. We are proud to have partnered with some of the industry’s best to build the future of AI-powered work.

Hector Mason

General Partner at Episode 1

Martin Bysh

Co-Founder & CEO
at Huboo

Olivier Verdin

Co-Founder at

Nitesh Banta

Co-Founder &
CEO at B12

Saif Hameed

Founder & CEO
at Altruistiq

Marcel Doeppes

Fund Manager at Flixfounders

Paul Dodd

Co-Founder & CIO
at Huboo

Umut Koseali

Lead Engineer at Moonfare

Jeff Graf

CCO at
Aether biomachines

Amrit Saxena

Founder & CEO at SaxeCap

Catalin Dogaru

Staff Software Engineer
at Zscaler

Stephen van Helden

Principal at
Novo Holdings

Join us

We envision a world where humans can work at 100x their current capacity thanks to technology. Come and build it with us.

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