Access your Company Data from anywhere

Use Frame Chrome extension to access your Frame or 3rd party apps data from anywhere on the Web.

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Copy-pasting URLs is a thing of the past.

Frame Chrome Web extension allows you to access your business data in seconds from anywhere in the Web. Want to insert a link to that Dropbox file  in a Figma comment. Use Frame Bridge to do so. Goodbye copy-pasting URLs. Welcome to speed of work and full interoperability.

360 interoperability

Universal Access

Frame's Chrome extension ensures seamless access to both native and third-party URLs, allowing quick document retrieval in any web app, like Figma or Pipedrive.

Seamless Workflow Integration

With 'beyond Frame' interoperability, effortlessly pull Frame data into any web environment, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

Real-time Data Access

Frame's extension means business data is instantly accessible, revolutionizing decision-making and collaboration from within any web application.

Compatible with Frame native docs & 3rd party docs.

Comprehensive Compatibility

Frame seamlessly integrates with both its native documents and third-party documents, providing a unified workspace without barriers.

Streamlined Document Management

Easily manage, access, and cross-reference documents from Frame and external platforms, ensuring efficient workflow continuity.

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitates collaboration by allowing users to link and share content across Frame's native apps and external documents, enhancing team synergy.

Save content to Frame in the blink of an eye.

Quick Save

Instantly save text, images, or videos into Frame with a single click using the Chrome extension.

Streamlined Collection

Easily gather and organize online content directly into Frame, enhancing efficiency.

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Work 10x Faster

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Full interoperability

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AI-Query your business data.

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