At, the security and privacy of our customers data stand at the forefront of our mission.

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Data Protection

We understand the critical nature of data protection in today's digital landscape and are dedicated to implementing robust security measures that meet and exceed industry standards.

Data at Rest

We ensure all stored data is encrypted using advanced encryption standards. Sensitive data receives additional encryption at the application layer for enhanced security.

Data in Transit employs TLS 1.3 or higher for all data transmitted across potentially insecure networks, safeguarding your information from interception.

Data Backup

Utilizing a point-in-time backup approach, we ensure data resilience and recovery capability, with backups retained for a full week.

Secure at the Core

Dedicated to safeguarding the security and privacy of your data through adherence to industry standards, independent audits by third parties, and the implementation of rigorous operational protocols.

Infrastructure Security

Enforcement of Unique Production Database Authentication
Restriction of Encryption Key Access
Establishment of Access Control Procedures
+15 more

Organizational Security

Utilization of Asset Disposal Procedures
Maintenance of Production Inventory
Encryption of Portable Media
+11 more

Product Security

Utilization of Data Encryption
Restriction of Encryption Key Access
Conduct of Control Self-Assessments
+3 more

Internal Security Procedures

Establishment of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
Testing of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
Maintenance of Cybersecurity Insurance
+31 more

Data and Privacy

Establishment of Data Retention Procedures
Deletion of Customer Data upon Departure
Establishment of Data Classification Policy
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