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Empower Your Product Teams with Frame

Unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation with Frame, your AI-driven collaborative workspace designed specifically for product and engineering teams.

Used by over a 10,000 teams

Why Frame?


Faster go-to-market

From generating AI content inside your documents to answering your business questions leveraging a 360 access to your business data, Frame’s assistants have you covered.


Decrease in Communication Overheads

Teams using Frame report accelerated project timelines from concept to launch.


Improvement in Project Accuracy

Teams using Frame report accelerated project timelines from concept to launch.

Comprehensive Tool Compatibility

Enhance your existing toolset with Frame’s deep integration capabilities, ensuring you remain in your workflow without friction.

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AI-Assisted Code Reviews

Smart suggestions for code optimization and automated review processes.

Dynamic Task Automation

Turn insights from meetings into action items automatically captured and assigned within Frame.

Seamless Integrations

Connect Frame with GitHub, JIRA, Slack, and more to sync your tools and streamline your workflow.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Trust Frame to protect your most sensitive data with industry-leading security measures and compliance standards.

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Enjoy a Unified, Intelligent Product Management Experience

Discover how leading tech companies have revolutionized their product development lifecycle with Frame.

Frame has changed the way we work in teams. AI is not a feature on top of a chaotic collection of apps, but embedded in an elegant, native work OS.

Darragh Curran
CTO at Intercom

Frame could help teams to be more efficient and productive by reducing the need to switch between different apps, this is a great tool.

Prem Saini
Founder at Zixflow

If you are tired to switch between multiple apps to do your job, Frame solves this with the simplest UX and most powerful productivity I have tried for ever.

Olivier Verdin
Partner, AppTweak

Transform your Engineering Team’s productivity today

Custom fields

Customize your workflow with configurable fields designed to match your team's unique needs.

AI Product Manager

Leverage AI-driven insights to streamline product development and enhance decision-making

Integrated Wiki, Whiteboard & Kanban

Utilize an integrated suite of tools to foster collaboration, manage tasks, and visualize progress effortlessly.

Engineering templates

  Sprint planning

Organize tasks, prioritize, and track progress for timely sprint cycles using the Frame Tasks app, aligning team efforts with business objectives.

Bug Tracking

Categorize, assign, and track software bugs efficiently with the Frame Issues app, enhancing visibility and control over bug management.

 Release Management

Ensure smooth software deployments with a streamlined checklist in the Frame Projects app, managing release stages effectively.

  Code Review & Merge Requests

Streamline code reviews and merge requests in the Frame Code app to maintain quality and foster collaborative improvement discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial Frame for free before committing?

Absolutely! Frame offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Simply sign up and start exploring Frame's features immediately.

How can I set up a project management system in Frame for my engineering team?

Easily configure Frame to manage engineering projects by setting up custom workflows, task automations, and integrating with your development tools for seamless project tracking.

Is Frame scalable for large engineering departments?

Yes, Frame is designed to efficiently scale with your team, supporting everything from small projects to enterprise-wide deployments with robust data handling and user management.

How does Frame help in streamlining code deployment processes?

With Frame, you can integrate directly with CI/CD tools, manage releases, and track deployment stages within a single platform, ensuring a smooth workflow from development to production.

What integrations are available with Frame to support engineering workflows?

Frame integrates with leading engineering tools like GitHub, JIRA, and Jenkins, allowing you to connect and automate your software development lifecycle within a unified environment.

Can Frame assist in automated bug tracking and resolution?

Yes, leverage Frame's AI capabilities to automatically categorize, prioritize, and assign bug reports, and integrate with your existing tracking systems to enhance the bug resolution process.

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