Build custom AI employees for your business

Create as many AI employees you want for your business. They behave in function of your employees role, your industry and the data in your Frame workspace.

Meet the intelligent workspace

World-class expertise

Our AI employees can take on any function, from Operation Managers to RevOps Manager. Their skills are brushed up continuously and forever.

Real-time understanding company data

Our AI employees understand your company data sitting on FrameOS in real-time. If one of your 280 Wikis is modified, it will influence the answer of that AI Product Manager to your Software Engineer. Science-fiction unlocked.

Controlled access to your company data

Control at the software-layer, which folder each AI assistants have access to. Want to keep that payroll data off the grid? Just tick it off.

Go beyond Frame.

Native apps knowledge aggregation

Feed our AI employees with content sitting on our 10 productivity apps. From Whiteboard to Wiki, the more data, the better the insights.

Third-party apps knowledge aggregation

Search your business data beyond Frame. From your Figma screen content to your Hubspot CRM - we go the extra mile.

Multi-apps workflows

Create automated workflows powered by Native or Third-party apps and human or AI employees. Live in the future.

Harness the power of a unified database.

Unified Doc labelling system

One labelling system. One assignee system. One comment system. Ever dreamed of a unified software experience across 10 productivity apps? Welcome to Frame.

1 OS. 10 apps. 100 AI employees.

Go beyond cross-apps search AI queries and tap into generating AI data into your apps. Want that user feedback Note broken down in stories and stored in your backlog as Task? Ask it in natural language to your AI employees.

A unified, minimalist experience across all apps.

Less is more. Instead of 34 functions you don’t need on that whiteboard, we go back to the basics of each app. Work in an uncluttered, ultra minimalist environment.

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Join the revolution. Get your Enterprise AI-ready. Get started by watching the tutorials below.

How to create custom AI Assistants

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Change Context of an AI Assistant on the fly

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Stay on top of your AI company data access

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