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Unleash productivity and close deals faster with our AI-native operating system.

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Why Frame?

Unified Workspace

Centralize all your sales tools and data with's smart workspace.

AI Employees

Harness AI to automate routine tasks, generate insights, and support decision-making.

Real-Time Collaboration

Work seamlessly with your team, anywhere, any time.

Benefits for Sales Teams

Increase Sales Efficiency

Accelerate the sales cycle with AI-driven insights and task automation.

Enhanced Collaboration:

Real-time updates and shared workspaces keep everyone on the same page.


Connect with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoom to streamline workflows.

Streamline Your Sales Process

Automate repetitive tasks and focus on closing deals. lets you automate lead qualification, follow-up scheduling, and sales reporting, so you can reduce manual effort and increase efficiency.

Intelligent Insights at Your Fingertips

Leverage advanced AI to uncover patterns and predictions from your sales data. provides actionable insights that help you understand market trends, customer behavior, and potential bottlenecks in your sales pipeline.

Centralized, Seamless Document Control

Keep all your sales-related documents in one secure, accessible place. Whether it’s contracts, proposals, or performance reports, ensures that your documents are easy to find, share, and update across your team.

Sales Performance Insights

Unlock the full potential of your sales data with Frame's AI-powered analytics Deep dive into sales metrics and trends with Frame’s AI analytics to drive better decision-making. Frame helps you visualize key performance indicators and sales outcomes to fine-tune strategies and achieve targets more effectively.

Streamline deal flow with collaborative tools designed for sales teams

Enhance team coordination and deal closure rates using Frame’s real-time collaboration features. Track the progress of deals through shared dashboards and synchronized task management, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned.

Manage all client interactions and documents within a unified platform

Frame simplifies client management by integrating communication tools, scheduling, and document management in one place. Access client information, interaction histories, and relevant documents without switching between apps.

Frame has revolutionized our sales approach, enabling us to interact seamlessly and close deals faster. The integration capabilities and real-time data access have transformed how we work.

Jules Marcilhacy
Co-Founder, Cuure

Thanks to Frame, our sales team has doubled its productivity. The AI insights help us prioritize our efforts and tailor our pitches to meet client needs precisely

Germain Bahri
Partnership Manager, Solaris Bank

Using Frame has allowed our sales force to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration across departments. It's not just a tool; it's our daily business partner.

Patrick Rafferty
Co-Founder, UserHub

Engineering templates

Explore Frame’s app-based templates designed to streamline and enhance your workflows, or customize them to fit your specific needs. Explore all integrations

Client Account Tracking - Wiki app

Manage detailed client accounts, track interactions, and log crucial client data using the Frame Wiki app, ensuring all account information is centrally located and easily accessible.

Opportunity Tracking - Task app

Monitor sales opportunities and their progression stages with the Frame Tasks app. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and update status to keep your sales pipeline clear and moving forward.

Sales Meeting Outcomes - Whiteboard app

Visualize meeting takeaways, action items, and decision points during sales discussions using the Frame Whiteboard app. This interactive template helps capture the dynamics of sales meetings effectively.

Contract Negotiation - Task app

Organize and manage contract negotiations through a step-by-step task list in the Frame Tasks app. Keep track of negotiation stages, document versions, and approval statuses to ensure clarity and compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial Frame for free before committing?

Absolutely! Frame offers a 2 weeks free trial with no credit card required. Simply sign up and start exploring Frame's features immediately.

How can I set up a project management system in Frame for my engineering team?

Easily configure Frame to manage engineering projects by setting up custom workflows, task automations, and integrating with your development tools for seamless project tracking.

Is Frame scalable for large engineering departments?

Yes, Frame is designed to efficiently scale with your team, supporting everything from small projects to enterprise-wide deployments with robust data handling and user management.

How does Frame help in streamlining code deployment processes?

With Frame, you can integrate directly with CI/CD tools, manage releases, and track deployment stages within a single platform, ensuring a smooth workflow from development to production.

What integrations are available with Frame to support engineering workflows?

Frame integrates with leading engineering tools like GitHub, JIRA, and Jenkins, allowing you to connect and automate your software development lifecycle within a unified environment.

Can Frame assist in automated bug tracking and resolution?

Yes, leverage Frame's AI capabilities to automatically categorize, prioritize, and assign bug reports, and integrate with your existing tracking systems to enhance the bug resolution process.

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