The Work Together OS · 2023 Release

Get real work done.

The all-in-one Collaboration OS. Work as a team in a unified suite of 10 collaboration apps, from tasks to processes.

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Unrealistically simple.

Frame goes back to the core of what's needed to do great work. Work as a team with our simple and elegant suite of apps.

Minimalist at the core.

Feature-overload? We went back to the core of what you need across our suite of collaboration apps.

Built for teamwork.

Frame accelerates teamwork. Co-create in real-time.

One engine. Multiple apps.

Seamlessly cross-reference all of your work. No more switching apps.

Lightweight and fast.

Effortlessly make work happen using our magic shortcuts.

Love teamwork again.

Single or Multi-player mode ready.
All within the same beautiful, minimalist environment.
Universal docs
One experience across apps.
Cross-app links
Reference your docs while you're typing.
Real-time co-creation
Build docs in real-time as a team.
Multi-app search
Search anything across the suite.
Find docs related to your current work flow.
In-app discussions
Keep your conversations in your docs.

Keep work in sync

Have full control of what your want to share to the rest of your company. No more async maintenance of your private notes.

App specific templates

Whether process, or tasks, we go your back for any type of work.

Templates that are 10x more powerful.

No matter the use case you'll find AI-generated templates for every app and every department. From the Product Roadmap to the Investor Management CRM.
Scalable work
Save any docs as a template for future use, for you or your team.
Take from the best
We've hand-picked the best of way of working in any app from industry leaders.
Task, Note, Process, Feedback. We got a template for any type of doc.
We learn how your work and generate content for you.
From Product to Legal, we got every team covered.
Fully customizable
Take it, change it, save it. It's that simple.

Work seamlessly with links.

Search, reference, collaborate. No more outdated URLs. No more new apps to install. A unified team experience all in one app.

Stop switching

With Frame you don’t have to worry about switching between apps to find related documentation. Do deeper work by staying put.

Frame of reference

Reference, relate, and associate all your work in real-time. Keep your work in one place and your mind in the same frame of reference.

One platform.
Infinite possibilities.

From Design to Sales to Ops, seamless reference work from any externals apps.
Create a Document
Integrate external apps
Insert a Link. It’s that simple

Everything built requires a Frame.

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